Socomec: storage systems for commercial and industrial applications

VP Solar introduces Socomec, a global industrial group specialized in developing energy efficiency solutions, with a specific focus on low-voltage electrical networks. Socomec and VP Solar have signed a collaboration agreement for the distribution of storage systems designed for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.


Socomec: more than 100 years of experience

With a broad range of solutions, Socomec integrates innovation and sustainability within the renewable energy sector.

A pioneer of innovation founded in 1922 in France, Socomec has been operating in the electrical sector right from the start, producing various essential components such as switches, fuse links, fuses, and sheet metal busbar enclosures.

In 2009, a new business division was created to respond to the evolving market: Socomec Solar.

The 5 fundamental Pillars

After more than a century, the Group continues to thrive, consolidating its position with a sales turnover of 604 million euros. Over the years, the company has grown to establish its presence in 28 countries, with a dedicated team of nearly 4,000 skilled employees.

Throughout the years, the company has built its core business on the culture of independence, as well as fundamental pillars including:

  1. Innovative Spirit
  2. Reliability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Service and Customer Focus
  5. Responsible Growth

VP Solar distributes Socomec’s SUNSYS HES

Socomec and VP Solar have reached an agreement to distribute SUNSYS HES, modular energy storage solutions with power ranging from 100 kVA up to 6 MVA and capacities up to several MWh. These solutions, available in various sizes and capacities, stand out for their simplicity of configuration and installation.

They offer maximum flexibility, seamlessly integrating with photovoltaic systems and adapting to grid connection requirements, even in the absence of renewable energy production for grid regulation.

Socomec, thanks to its vast experience in energy conversion and management, is able to offer systems that:

  • Utilize innovative electronic components, such as silicon carbide technology for semiconductors.
  • Ensure extremely high efficiency, safety, and availability.
  • Are certified according to strict European and American standards for electromagnetic emissions, safety, and the quality of conversion and grid connection.

The B-Cab, a battery cabinet for storage, is known for its reliability. By utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry and a liquid cooling system for thermal management, the B-Cab provides a comprehensive solution with a fire suppression system certified according to rigorous standards.

This product comes with a basic 2-year warranty, which can be extended through maintenance contracts if desired.