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SMA Solar Technology AG: growth of the estimates of revenue in 2017

There are growing expectations on revenues and operating income of 2017 SMA Solar Technology AG.


SMA’s Board of Directors estimates a net increase in sales

It has been estimated that revenues for the year 2017 should reach between 900 and 950 million Euro, well above the previous estimate of 830 and 900 million.

In addition to this, an increase in operating profit (EBITDA) is expected, estimated at between 85 and 100 million Euros against the previous 70 and 90.

Increased orders and demand

Amongst the factors that increase these forecasts are the increase in orders and the increase in demand in all parts of the world. These variations in demand are particularly felt in the Asia-Pacific area.

“In the first half of 2017, orders had a positive development with a book-to-bill ratio of 1.4,” said Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO of SMA. “The order book increased by 25% in the first six months of the year, with a value of about € 673 million at June 30, 2017. Due to the high cash flow, net liquidity will rise to more than € 450 million ».

The half-yearly report for January-June 2017 was published on 10 August by SMA.

SMA Solar Technology AG: solid and reliable company

With a billion Euros of sales in 2016, the SMA Group is a world leader in the photovoltaic inverter market.

The photovoltaic inverter is an essential component of the plant, which makes it possible to transform energy produced from panels into energy usable by users. It is therefore essential that the inverter is of the highest quality and reliability to ensure high efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

SMA boasts a very wide range of high quality photovoltaic inverters and the technology of these inverters is protected by 900 patents and models of registered units.

VP Solar is the distributor of SMA products, combining the quality of the products selected and tested by the engineering team, which has many pre- and post-sales services.

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