JinkoSolar: 225 million dollar private investment fund

JinkoSolar receives in 2014 $ 225 million of private investment, carried by China Development Bank International, thanks to a solar energy fund.

Expansion of JinkoSolar projects thanks to the Solar Energy Fund

Jinko Solar Power Engineering Group Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jinko Solar, has entered into various agreements with fund managers, CDBI, MGCIF and New Horizon.

Grace to the signatures of the deals was invested $ 225 million in Jinko Power. These large investments provide support to the company, enabling its development in financial terms and for projects, and for the design of a global Green Energy Network.

“We are very pleased to welcome CDBI, MGCIF and New Horizon as partners in our business. They will not only contribute to capital to further expand our project development capabilities but will also provide support to guide future growth. We believe that it is another vote of confidence in our team and the long-term prospects of our downstream business, and are convinced that with their support, Jinko Power will provide a strong growth which will in turn benefit all shareholders of JinkoSolar ” . Xiande Li, President of JinkoSolar, “In addition, China’s solar market has a well-established regulatory framework and is currently in a fast-growing phase. CDBI’s investment demonstrates the growing interest of Chinese capital in the solar project sector. We also expect MGCIF to help us leverage the global solar energy market through Macquarie’s global resources and network. This investment round is a milestone in our spin off effort and listing our downstream activities. With the added strengths of these new partnerships, we are reviewing our project development guide throughout the year 2014 from 400MW to over 600MW. Our capability will exceed 800MW by the end of 2014. In perspective, we intend to continue to take full advantage of our leading position in China’s solar power infrastructure sector to further enhance our business. “

JinkoSolar is a world leader in the production of high quality and reliability photovoltaic panels. There are many sales outlets around the world.

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