SMA SmartEnergy: efficient and guaranteed Storage

SMA SmartEnergy is having an increasing success among the professionals of the PV sector, who are recommending it for all PV plants connected to the residential grid.

SMA SmartEnergy: perfect and warranted!

With its maximum power output of 5kW and the chance to accumulate energy during daytime, SMA SmartEnergy is able to supply eventual peak hours and to provide energy when the sun goes down. Thanks to the use of lithium batteries, which allow a Depth of Discharge of the 90% and a high number of cycles, it is possible for SMA to warrant the whole SmartEnergy (inverter+ accumulation) for 5 years, allowing also to extend the warranty up to 7 years.

In a context where it is difficult to give indications on battery warranties, which do not exceed one or two years in most of the cases, the warranty given by SmartEnergy stands for a great achievement of product refining where the battery management together with its technology guarantee the effective performance of the PV plant.

SMA and VP Solar: the perfect match

An important element that guarantees the longevity of the accumulation system lies in the maintaining of the effective connection of the plant and of the best conditions of the battery from a temperature and humidity point of view. In this contest, the lithium battery is sent to the installation site only at the right time, allowing it to keep its overall duration and life.

In this context, the SmartEnergy has been designed in a modular way and the battery can be simply installed in just few minutes on the already prepared and screwed-to-the-wall case.

VP Solar advices its customers the storage price lists with all solutions for accumulation, with the possibility of choosing between a 5 or 7 year warranty, integrating SMA logistics with its property warehouse, whose material is always available in prompt delivery.

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