PV System Optimization

It’s not too late to chose the best

What to do with an old installation

More than 500.000 photovoltaic plants in operation are certainly a great potential for maintenance, retraining and control. The race to the connection, the difficulties to find quality inverters and modules has penalized some plant which, however, benefit from a good incentive rate.

In addition to the regular maintenance, the experienced professional can volunteer for plant monitoring interventions, in order to evaluate performances and improvements, to substitute inverters or to add the plant optimizers bringing therefore benefits in term of yield and thus incentive.

  • Huge market potential (Energy Account 1°-2°-3°-4°-5°)
  • Monitoring, analysis performance and diagnostics
  • Particularly well-suited in high incentive plants
  • Production improvements in existing plants
  • Problems resolutions
  • Firefighting saving solutions
  • Broad expertise and historic partnership with the producers
  • Major profit with reduction of re-entry time
  • Proposal for innovative solutions