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ZCS Azzurro: single-phase – 1100TL-V3/3300TL-V3 – 1 MPPT

The TL series single-phase inverters are equipped with a single MPPT and are very compact and handy. They make up as a great solution for small residential PV systems.

  • 1 MPPT
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker
  • RS485, USB, Optional: WiFi/4G/Ethernet
  • 10-year warranty
  • Available sizes: 3000TL-V3

TL series inverters are characterized by a wide MPPT input voltage range (50-550V), which enables them to be used on a multitude of module configurations. The maximum efficiency is 97.7%.

They are equipped with a LCD display for a quick check of all the data, as well as remote monitoring via app, after installing the WiFi/Ethernet/4G modules (optional).

Their compact dimensions and lightness allow for an easy installation process, also thanks to the MC4 connectors. Also, the IP65 rating enables outdoor installations.

They come with a “Zero Feed-in” function, after connecting a current sensor on the dedicated input.

The standard warranty can be extended to 10 years, after registering the product on the ZCS website (https://www.zcsazzurro.com/warranty-extension).