Ariston is a worldwide expert in water and environmental heating, and provides solutions to its consumers at very competitive prices.
The products are characterized by comfort and exclusive Italian design, efficiency and quality.

Products featured with VP Solar, which distributes Ariston products, include the NUOS range, suitable for residential use, with solutions that suit every situation.
The size of the kettle ranges from 80 liters to 300 liters, thus covering all the needs of an average family, available in stand-alone or wall-mounted, single-block or split solutions.

The models are NUOS standing, single-block boiler with 200 and 250 l, EVO wall-mounted, 80 and 110 l monoblock, PLUS standing, 200 and 250 l monoblock, front stack, 200 and 240 l monoblock, FIRST wall-mounted, 80-100 l monoblock, standing SPLIT, 300 l bi-block, and SPLIT wall-mounted, bi-block 80 to 200 l.

In all model standing monobloc there is a SYS model, with a coil for integration with solar thermal or boiler.

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