Quality and competences in photovoltaic since 1999

A photovoltaic system is the “green” solution to dramatically cut energy bills by producing electricity without any emissions of pollutants. At the same time a PV plant adds value to the building on which it is installed. VP Solar offers its customers a wide range of in-stock photovoltaic products that suit the most different needs: photovoltaic modules, grid- and off-grid inverters, mounting systems, accessories and systems for the optimization of the production of energy.


VP Solar works with the world’s leading energy-efficiency-oriented manufacturers, selected on the basis of strict quality criteria. We only establish long-term partnership in order to offer our clients an excellent  and long-lasting pre-and post – sale service.


VP Solar has always played an active role in the selection of the best technologies for its customers. Alongside to traditional photovoltaic, VP Solar has now included in its catalogue  a real game changer in the photovoltaic world: smartflower . smartflower is the first all-in -one solution that combines the production of photovoltaic energy to a unique and exclusive design. The network of VP Solar installers is therefore constantly supported by specialized technical trainings in order to optimize the installation of all the proposed solutions.