MyReserve by SOLARWATT, the perfect solution for greater independence

SOLARWATT’s MyReserve 25 system is the ideal complement for any photovoltaic system, storing the photovoltaic energy produced during the day by your system and making it available for the evening hours.

The MyReserve 25 solution is a DC system installed between the module strings and the inverter. It is divided into two distinct devices: the MyReserve Command 20.2 and the MyReserve Pack 24.3.

MyReserve Command 20.2

This device is a high-efficiency converter connected to the DC side, to which 1 to 5 My Reserve Pack 24.3 batteries can be connected and has a discharge efficiency of 96.7%.

The maximum charge/discharge power ranges from 0.8 kW, with 1 battery, to 4 kW with 5 batteries.

It is an easy-to-install product, with certified safety and excellent value for money. MyReserve Command 20.2 also includes a Bluetooth interface for monitoring and, through a software update, the possibility of connecting a second battery system in parallel with an additional MyReserve Command 20.2.

This device can be easily integrated with the Energy Manager Pro energy management system, i.e. the interface for monitoring the production of your system. It allows you to manage your consumption, the network entry and the flexible activation of the various appliances.

MyReserve Pack 24.3

This product is the battery module that can be combined with MyReserve Command 20.2, with discharge depth of 100% and an efficiency of 99.2%.

The capacity of the single battery module is 2.4 kWh. It is guaranteed for 10 years, with a minimum of 80% of the nominal capacity. The useful life is, however, estimated for longer than 15 years.

This product includes monitoring of the individual cells and the Dynamic Charge Estimator, that is the dynamic regulation of the battery charging current based on the production of your photovoltaic system and the consumption of domestic loads.