A++ Moody’s rating to VP Solar

On the 24th of January 2018 the highest Moody’s rating (A++) has been assigned to VP Solar, by  Credit Passport®.A++ rating means “Excellent Credit Quality” and the report indicates the 0,08% Probability of Default in 1 year. In comparative terms, it means that only one company out of 997 in Italy reaches the same level of credit quality.

VP Solar (www.vpsolar.com) is a specialized distributor of energy systems from 1999, with a pure B2B model. It supplies resellers, EPC and installers, in many countries worldwide.

Rewarded by Moody’s for quality and added value services

The approach to the market is based on quality products and added value services, to maintain reliable and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.  VP Solar offers customized sales and marketing activities, effective logistic services based on SAP platform, pre and after sales technical support.

VP Solar offers many energy technologies: photovoltaic, thermic and thermodinamic solar; energy storage (thermal  and electric); charging stations for e-cars; heat pumps; building automation.

VP Solar created and manages Smart Partner (www.smartpartner.it) the most importantnetwork of professional Italian installers of energy systems, involving more than 500 companies.

The Credit Passport® Report indicates the ability of a company

The Credit Passport® Report indicates the ability of a company to perform its financial obligations in the six months following the preparation of the Report.

Credit Passport® is the result of advanced mathematical models, including RiskCalc from Moody’s Analytics, and the constant search by the analysts at Credit Data Research. The models take financial input data from the filed balance sheet and behavioural data from the Banca d’ Italia’s Centrale Rischi (CCR).

The combination of behavioural and financial analysis makes Credit Passport a uniquely effective tool in terms of reliability, transparency and predictive power.

The analysis is based on the most important Italian banks

The analysis is based on data provided by industrial associations and the most important Italian banks.
After building a wide representative sample of Italian SMEs, the Probabilities of Default are computed according to the Credit Passport® Methodology.
Finally, the results have been standardized on 1000 elements and the cumulative distribution function has been calculated.