Hyundai Energy Solution new production plant up to 1.35 GW

Hyundai Energy Solution is a Korean leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and modules since 2007 aims to further expand production capacity in Korea.

At the beginning of 2021 it has already implemented a new production plant of 650 MW per year and in the second half of the year it has prepare to build new assembly lines for a further 720 MW thus leading to expand its production plant by 1.37 GW in a single year.

Modules with PERC, topCON and HJT technology cells

In the new production site, modules with PERC, topCON and HJT technology cells will be assembled, all technologies for high/very high efficiency modules that involve the use of M10 wafers.

Hyundai Energy Solution’s R&D department is committed to studying new technologies, in their forecast to 2025 they should be able to produce cells with 30% efficiency, power density unimaginable until a few years ago.

Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG PERC with Shingled technology

The current product line that includes modules of the HiE-SxxxVG series with PERC technology and cells connected to each other without spaces between cell and cell by superimposing them on each other, defined Shingled technology with current efficiency up to 20.9%, differs from the competition for the arrangement of the cell strips, horizontally instead of the classic vertical so as to have better performance even in the case of shadows.

All Huyndai Energy Solution modules have anti-PID, ammonia, salt spray and sandy certificates following the IEC standard, thus confirming the quality of the product.


Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG – mono PERC – 410/415 Wp

Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG photovoltaic modules are ideal for residential systems

  • Efficiency up to 20.9%
  • Hard-wearing
  • 25-year warranty on both product and performance
  • Black frame
  • 340 cells
  • Available sizes: 410/415 Wp

Hyundai HiE-SxxxVG monocrystalline photovoltaic module uses Shingled Technology, which reduces the space between cells by increasing efficiency, maintained with PERC technology, allowing the modules to increase their efficiency up to 20.9%.


The modules in question are equipped with a reinforced frame and tempered glass, they are also characterized by an important resistance to corrosion. This resistance, together with the anti-LID and anti-PID functions, allows the manufacturer to guarantee the product and its performance for 25 years.


Suitable for extreme weather conditions, certified to withstand a front pressure of 5.400 Pa.