Fronius Solar.configurator for correct sizing of systems

Fronius makes the Fronius Solar.configurator online tool available to professionals.

This platform helps to accurately dimension even complex photovoltaic systems, automatically calculating which are the best possible configurations, the optimal number of modules, the relative connection or the ideal inverter model.

Furthermore, it also integrates with the K2 Base portal and it is also possible to plan and design the roof mounting system.

Fronius Solar.configurator allows you to:

  • Calculations for EAST / WEST configurations
  • Savings forecasts with traditional PV systems and with the integration of an accumulation system
  • Design the ideal mounting system for every need
  • A simple and clear report in pdf format

Fronius also offers the PV-Genset Design service for the personalized and optimal design of the PV-Genset system, which includes a duration analysis and a system evaluation with simulations and detailed design options.

Webinar online configurator

This webinar explains how to use the online configurator for a quick choice of the Fronius inverter and system configuration. It also explains how to create a summary file of the chosen configuration.

Using the online version of the system allows you to have the data always updated for a precise configuration.

Webinar Off-line configurator

You can also use the simulator offline, this video explains how to configure your photovoltaic system considering multiple design aspects (such as site temperature); insert new modules and change their inclination and orientation.