Biomass Heating Systems

Biomass boilers and stoves use a very cheap fuel, wood or pellets, with significant savings in heating, for example, replacing an oil boiler with a pellet, with an annual consumption of 2,000 liters of diesel equivalent to about 4 t of pellets, the heating costs are reduced by 55-60%.

Save money with biomass water heaters

The cost savings are apparent from day one and is a guarantee of rapid amortization of the plant.

In addition to saving you can take advantage of the current significant incentives: tax deduction, Heat bill.

The biomass water heaters are optimally also integrate with radiator systems and with combined systems for energy production, for example with solar thermal energy; stoves also have the advantage of combining the savings aesthetic functionality.

The biomass boiler can be a perfect match to a user with a photovoltaic system, bringing significant energy contribution in the winter part of the year, when diminishes the solar energy input.

  • Higher incentives: tax deduction, thermal account
  • Strong fuel savings
  • Source of renewable and environmentally friendly energy such as wood
  • Boilers and stoves quality and reliable
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Allow to eliminate the consumption of gas for heating
  • High autonomy without recharging and cleaning

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