Air Conditioning


Buildings’ conditioning system is functional to the well-being and to the healthiness of the spaces where we live: the important characteristics are low noise, air treatment and filtration, ease of use, comfort in both heating and cooling and energy efficiency.

The heat pump modern systems ensure the maximum efficiency and thermal capacity even at extremely low external temperatures (up to -20°C) and can warm up the house and the sanitary water in the coldest months and cool the air during summer with incredible performances.

The best conditioning systems

The conditioning systems can exploit the energy produced from the photovoltaic system when this is available, increasing its self-consumption.
We offer, at the best conditions, the best brands that guarantee the maximum quality, a capillary and rapid assistance service and a wide range of choice

  • High incentives: tax deduction, thermal account
  • Wide range of leading national brands’ products
  • Energy savings
  • Competitiveness and technical support
  • Air/air and air/water machines (heat pumps)
  • The aim to get high housing comfort
  • FV combination with self-consumption increase with DomusManager
  • Air/air systems easy to measure and install
  • Alternative to heating with traditional heaters
  • Compliance to Europeans regulations for environmental preservation
  • Allow to eliminate the gas consumption for heating