The heat pumps for sanitary water are an efficient and economic ” green solution” for the production of hot sanitary water. With their simplicity and flexibility  of installation are a valid answer to the user needs both for residential and commercial buildings. They could be easily combined with solar thermics and photovoltaic systems, beyond other solutions for the thermal comfort such us boilers, heat pumps and district heating nets.

The energy consumed by the product is just the one needed to let work the fan and the compressor; the remaining energy (about 2/3) is collected from the air for free!

For buildings with photovoltaic systems the heat pump for hot sanitary water can be the most economical and efficient solution for the storage of energy (thermal storage) increasing the self-consumption. Using specific devices is possible to active the heat pump just when the power produced by the photovoltaic system is enough to power it.

  • Easy to plan (from 80 l to 350 l)
  • Wide possibility of choice among several models (wall-hung, split, floor standing)
  • Possibility of gaining fiscal benefits and grants
  • Easy to install
  • Simpler evaluation of the benefits than other systems
  • Improvement of the energetic rate and therefore the value of the household
  • Combination with the PV system
  • Possible integration with the solarthermics
  • It could be installed both in new homes and in the already built ones

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