ZDD: new service for International EPC by VP Solar

International service ZDD

Based on about 20 years of experience, VP Solar established a new service for International EPC: Zero Days Delivery (ZDD).

ZDD is a service very appreciated for the most dynamic EPC, able to catch fast opportunities and tenders where the delivery times could become the critical position.

Large stock in prompt delivery

VP Solar is maintain a very large stock of products, modules (more than 12.000 pcs) and inverters (more than 3.000 pcs) at first.

Using these ZDD products, EPC can answer positively to fast opportunities.

The inverters brands by VP Solar are:

  • SMA
  • ABB
  • Solaredge
  • Fronius
  • Kostal
  • Steca

The modules brands by VP Solar are:

  • Solarworld
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Kioto Solar
  • Solarwatt
  • Solar Frontier
  • Conergy
  • REC
  • Q.Cells

This service is very appreciated for accessories too, in particular for cabling, monitoring and mounting systems.

The competitiveness of VP Solar in mounting systems is very known in Europe, because VP Solar is a manufacturer of many components and systems from 1999.

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