Storage or off-grid are based on the possibility to accumulate the energy produced for example by a photovoltaic system, to make it available when necessary.

Off-grid systems are not connected to the power grid: all the energy produced is stored and used locally. There are different kind of off-grid systems: photovoltaic, mini-wind, mixed photovoltaic and wind.

The configuration and the project of an off-grid system need a detailed analysis of the variables entering the system (average irradiation, equivalent hours of daylight, orientations, inclination, shading) and output variables (withdrawal of user loads, time of use, autonomy)

Thanks to their experience, VP Solar technicians can recommend to resellers and installers the best choice to the most suitable product to each request and needs

  • Increasing market demand
  • High-performance batteries
  • High convenience compared to diesel generators
  • Independence from the electric grid
  • Supply of isolated users
  • Wide fields of applications: agriculture, microwave radio links, remote lighting, etc..
  • Ideal for isolated houses, campers and boats
  • Quality products