Thermodynamic Solar


The Thermodynamic Solar system connects the heat pumps and the solar thermal collector’s technologies by enhancing their strengths. It consists of a simple and light solar panel, of a compressor and a water storage tank.

“Energies” Thermodynamic Solar performances

Extremely high performances can be achieved with this system: even with low external temperatures or during the night, the efficiency is very high: for example, absorbing only 400 W of electricity, a power of about 2˙000÷2˙400 W is transmitted to the water.

  • Extremely high performances with COP up to 6,5
  • Hot water guarantee with any weather conditions 24 hours/day
  • It can be installed on the rooftop, on the wall, on the garden, etc..
  • No glass or fragile material
  • High incentives
  • Short term economic return
  • Maximum quality and reliability for a long duration
  • Strong cost energy saving

The panel is realized with anodized aluminum with flexible lacquering, it only weights 8 kg and it is easy to transport and install. It can be installed in different modules on the roof, on the wall, in the garden, etc…

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