Q Cells Q.ANTUM technology

Q Cells adopts the Q.ANTUM innovative technology in the production of solar cells for its own PV modules, that allows to optimize the conversion performances under real conditions, as in the case of limited luminosity, or high temperature, or in situations that limit the photovoltaic production.

Q.ANTUM technology allows high performances

This is one of the elements that allow Q Cells modules to offer high level of performance not only in the lab but also on of PV plant normal working conditions.

The return of investment increases thanks to performances at maximum levels.

Many technology primacies and records.

Through the years Q.ANTUM has established many primacies:
– 2011: Q.ANTUM got a new world record with the 19,5% efficiency for crystalline cells
– 2012: series production of cells with Q.ANTUM technology
– 2013-2014: PHOTON acknowledge to Q Cells P.PRO-G2 235 module the primacy as the best photovoltaic panel
– 2016: entry into production of Q Cells Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 that thanks to the Q.ANTUM technology, reaches extremely high powers. It has won the PHOTON title both for its performance and efficiency.

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