Q CELLS photovoltaic modules are based on experience of over 330 million cells with its proprietary Q.ANTUM technology.

Q CELLS and Q.ANTUM technology, High Performances

Q.ANTUM technology is based on a rear-side passivation of cells.

High performances are reached thanks to many patents; in particular: high power output, low-light and temperature-behavior; anti PID feature; Hot-Spot protection.

Discover with VP Solar the best solution for your requests

Q CELLS modules are distributed by VP Solar, professional distributor specialized in energy systems from 1999.

VP Solar offers to its customers, resellers for local markets, an huge range of products in prompt delivery at competitive conditions.

Technical department answers to pre and after sales requests, offering added value services as the configuration of PV plants and the suggest of best inverter.

VP Solar logistics, based on SAP, is efficient and effective.

Q CELLS modules: solidity and high quality

Q CELLS 260 Wp Q.PRO poly black frame: is one the most sold Q CELLS module, for residential application, where the quality is associated to competitiveness, with aesthetic requirements.

If you need more efficiency: Q CELLS Q.PLUS 275 poly with black frame.

Ask your best offer to our commercial team.

Storage solutions and kit deals

Q CELLS modules can be insert in complete systems oriented self-consumption of energy, including storage solutions, as: Tesla Powerwall; ABB React; SMA Smartenergy or Sunny Boy Storage; Solaredge Storedge.

These systems can be offered in kit, including mounting, cabling and monitoring solutions.

Hanwha Q CELLS, big international manifacturing

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:HQCL) is a South Koran company, with headquartered in Seoul, included in Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 10 business enterprise in South Korea.

It has diverse international manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Malaysia and China.