FIAMM is a multinational company engaged in the design, production and distribution of accumulation systems.
Lead-acid battery systems for domestic photovoltaic systems are also available in their product range.

To meet customer needs, FIAMM has around 20 locations in various countries to form a comprehensive network for managing all your requests.

RES System is the solution produced by FIAMM for the accumulation of energy produced by residential photovoltaic plants.
The range of RES models is divided into 6 capacities ranging from 6.2 kWh up to 12.5 kWh, with 24V and 48V versions.

These storage systems, depending on the system they are installed, can also run as Backup.

The safety of the battery pack is guaranteed by the use of advanced technologies such as VRLA (valve regulated lead acid), SMG (Gel electrolyte immobilized battery) and TPB (tubular plate battery).
This guarantees many charge and discharge cycles in total safety and reliability.

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