New Panasonic PV modules HIT N335 – KURO – N250 – N300

This new range vaunts a conversion efficiency of over 20%, with an excellent performance on small surfaces and in difficult climatic conditions. Researchers confirm the keeping of the temperature coefficients of only -0.258% / °C for the high-efficiency modules.

N335 module, the most powerful within the HIT series

The N335 module, with 96 cells and 335 watts, is reconfirmed as the most powerful panel within the HIT series. Moreover, it has a conversion efficiency of 20%, with 25 year linear performance guarantee.

All Black KURO 330 Watt module

The new version has 330 watts power and 20% conversion efficiency. These results by Panasonic have been obtained thanks to the heterojunction technology, in which the monocrystalline wafer is coated with an ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer. This, by reducing the loss of electrons on the surface, ensures a high efficiency.

Both the N335 and KURO modules have a 40mm thick frame. The new generation frame is able to withstand wind and a snow load up to 5400Pa; it can be installed both horizontally and vertically, adapting to any type of roof.

N250, the most flexible

Thanks to its even thinner structure with 72 cells (a size of 798 x 1.580 mm and 250 watts of power), the N250 is the ideal photovoltaic panel for small and complicated roofs. It is suitable for many “difficult” situations, where there is no space for larger panels. The 2:1 format allows a mixed vertical and horizontal installation, offering a nominal efficiency of 20% and a better yield, also due to the extremely low temperature coefficient.

Panasonic HIT N300: compact and powerful

The 88-cell N300 module combines a compact format with high power. The output is 300 watts and dimensions are 1.053×1.463 mm, allowing the N300 to be installed on different types of roofs and maximizing energy production. The solar panel is based on the same heterojunction technology as the other Panasonic HIT panels, with high performance even at high temperatures.

Water drainage systems located in the corners on panels

For all the new HIT modules, the water drainage system is maintained at the corners of the panel’s frames. This secures drainage from the glass, minimizing dirt deposits and thus reducing the risk of micro-shading, which would compromise the correct functioning of the module.

Panasonic: better quality and guarantee

Panasonic is committed to ensure the best possible quality for its products, in compliance with the tests required by international standards, to which Panasonic adds its own even more restrictive and precise tests.

“We are working to improve and further develop our high-performance HIT modules – said Shigeki Komatsu, General Manager of Panasonic Solar Europe – in order to make the production of solar energy even more attractive for private and commercial investors”. To achieve this, Panasonic also uses a modular system: all modules can be placed side by side to optimize the use of each roof, giving each user the opportunity to create his own high-efficiency combination.

Panasonic guarantees its HIT modules for a period of 25 years for both the product and its performance. This confirms how high-efficiency solar panels are still a long-term solution worth investing in. With the performance guarantee, the giant manufacturer ensures that the HIT modules will continue to offer 86.4% of the output power at the end of the 25-year period.

For about 4 million modules sold in Europe, the customer satisfaction report of January 2018 demonstrated how customer’s level of satisfaction was outstanding. The complaints rate was 0.004%, which confirms their trust towards Panasonic, that celebrated its 100th anniversary of the foundation last year.