Jinko Solar: awarded as Top Brand PV Europe Seal 2020

Jinko Solar, a global manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, has been awarded the ‘Top Brand PV Europe Seal 2020‘ award by the EuPD Research institute for the second consecutive year.

EuPD research rewards the best producers in the photovoltaic sector based on its Global Monitor Installer Monitor PV, which collects the opinions of installers from the main photovoltaic markets in Europe and worldwide.

Installers active in some of the most important markets in the world including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France participated in the survey in which Jinko Solar was awarded for its high-quality products and customer service. Also, for the third consecutive year in Australia, JinkoSolar was awarded the “Top Brand PV Australia Seal 2020” award.

Mr. Frank Niendorf, General Manager of Jinko Solar Europe, commented, “We are very proud to receive this prestigious award for Europe and Australia for the second and third consecutive year, respectively. This recognition by the downstream partners we work with not only proves Jinko Solar is the preferred brand to work with but also reflects our strong reputation and commitment to our customers as a leading supplier. JinkoSolar’s highly-reliable solar products and customer service have significantly contributed to the steady growth of our customer base across these important markets. Our strategy to innovate and lead the industry by setting standards continues to strengthen our position as the preferred choice across Europe and Australia.”

The Jinko series of modules proposed by VP Solar

Jinko Solar’s photovoltaic solutions are distributed by VP Solar in various series and sizes. The range of panels proposed includes both PERC monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules.