Future products of Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS is developing its technologies in order to present to the market new very performing PV modules.

Q.Peak Q.antum: High Output Power

Q.Peak Q.antum PV monocrystalline modules will reach high output power: 370 Wp for 72 cells module and 305 Wp for 60 cells module.

These 2 classes of high power modules will be available starting from Q3 2017 for 370 Wp and Q1 2017 for 305 Wp.

Q.PEAK prototypes using half-cell and double glass technologies will take Q.ANTUM to the next levels in terms of efficiency and performance as well as durability in harsh climates.

Q.ANTUM technology is developed to maximize the efficiency of conventional solar cells. Q.ANTUM modules reach high performances in real conditions, in winter or summer and under brilliant sunshine or cloudy skies.

Maximum efficiencies for mass production

Solar cells with the Q.ANTUM technology achieve maximum efficiencies from mass production with a world record 19.5 %. This has been independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE.

The standard production of Q Cells is the series Q.PRO BFR-G4.1 PV panel.

These modules are polycrystalline with high performances, with a power up to 270 Wp they represent the evolution of polycrystalline PV panels (according to the output tests of PHOTON in 2013 and 2014). The installers appreciate the very good price/quality of Q.PRO BFR-G4.1 solar panels.

VP Solar has in prompt delivery Q Cells modules, for every type of plant, residential and commercial to provide to resellers and installers searching for competitiveness solution, together with high quality inverters.