FIMER PVS-100/120-TL “B2 Version”

The B2 version is add the proven PVS-100/120-TL and maintains the same salient features. Available in two sizes with output voltages respectively of 400 V for the 100 kW and 480 V for the bigger brother of 120 kW dedicated to installations with dedicated medium voltage transformer.

Easy installation for indoors and outdoors

Very easy to handle and install, in fact it can be mounted both on the wall but also horizontally so as to adapt to both ground and roof installations.

The protection degree IP66 allows it to face even the harshest climates. Thanks to the sturdy closing hinges, problems during the wiring/commissioning or maintenance phase will be avoided.

The connections are made in a dedicated area so as to facilitate maintenance operations as well.

Smart connected and easy to set up

With the built-in Wi-Fi connection, it can be easily configured from any portable device such as laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The dedicated APP is also available for the iOS and Android mobile devices to further simplify the work on site, especially in large systems with many inverters.

The wiring of the output to the grid can be with both aluminum or copper cables with large sections in order to lower losses as much as possible.

Integrated datalogger to monitor the entire system

In addition to Wi-Fi communication, it has 2 ethernet ports for monitoring the entire system, given the integrated data logger which is compatible with Plant Portfolio Manger for professional management of O&M operations, thus ensuring the investment over the years.

Through the ModBus protocol compliant with the Sunspec standard, it can also be integrated into third-party systems.

Reduced number of MPPTs ideal for revamping

The main feature of this new B2 version is the reduced number of MPPTs, in fact it has only 2 compared to its predecessor which had 6.

This feature is not penalizing but it is its strong point since thanks also to the possibility of having the 2 MPPT channels in parallel it is the valid substitute for old centralized inverters of 50 and 100 kW.

Suitable for replacements without reconfiguring the system

The double stage conversion input topology means that it has a wide input voltage range so that it can be suitable for one-to-one replacements without the need to re-cabling the photovoltaic field.