25 years warranty with Panasonic solar modules

Panasonic is a Japanese company, hystorical high quality and efficiency solar modules.


Panasonic solar modules: solutions for each application

Panasonic communicated to European customers an extended quality product guarantee valid for 25 years.

Its series of PV modules, HIT® series, is composed by many models: 240, 245, 285,295, 325 and 330 Wp, with different dimensions, in order to give the right solution for each application on the roof.

The improvement from 15 to 25 years of guarantee for Panasonic solar panels is valid from the HIT® PV panels installed from 2017, through the web procedure of signup, that let to the end-consumer to obtain the personalized certificate of extended guarantee.

HIT® PV panels: reliability and quality

“Today’s 25-year product guarantee announcement delivers on our commitment to manufacture and supply solar modules of the highest reliability and quality for our growing European customer base,”

started Daniel Roca, Senior Business Developer at Panasonic.

“Since introducing HIT® in 1997, the product has forged a reputation of excellent reliability and quality manufacturing standards. This guarantee extension consolidates this reputation, providing European installers and consumers with full confidence and peace of mind when installing our high performance modules in their solar systems.”

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Celebrating 20 years of manufacturing HIT®  PV modules, Panasonic decided for this very strong measure, based on quality and reliability of its production.

Resellers, EPC and installers can ask an offer directly to VP Solar, European distributors of Panasonic modules: [email protected]

VP Solar is a specialized distributor of PV components and other innovative technologies for energy producing and saving.

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