The Solar Thermodynamic System joins, highlighting just the strength points, the technologies of the heat pump and of the solarthermics collector: it is made up of a light and simply solar panel, of a compressor and of a tank for the water.


The performance with this system is great: either with low outdoors temperature or at night, the efficiency is very high: for example using just 400 W of electricity, it can transmit to the water a power of about 2˙000÷2˙400 W.

The panel is made of anodized aluminium with flexible lacquer, the weight is just of 8 kg, easy to be transported and to install. It can be installed in several ways on the roof, on the wall, in the garden…

  • Very high performance with COP up to 6,5
  • Hot water guaranteed in any weather condition, 24h a day
  • It can be installed on the roof, on the wall, in the garden…
  • No glass and no frigile material
  • High grants
  • Economic return in short time
  • The best quality and reliability for long life-time
  • Great saving on the cost of energy

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