The principle behind self-use is quite simple: you use the electricity generated by the photovoltaic plant to run home appliances and to charge the batteries of the system. In this way, self-consumption helps minimizing or, if possible, avoiding the purchase of energy from the grid because, during the day, home appliances use the energy generated from the photovoltaic system and, at night, energy is taken from the batteries.

Grid-connected storage solutions feed energy into the public power grid when batteries are fully charged and more energy is produced than consumed. This energy is remunerated in accordance with the applicable fee.

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems are not connected to the electricity distribution network: the off-grid photovoltaic systems produces and directly delivers electricity required to support the energy needs. Energy not immediately consumed is conveyed into a storage battery that, during the night or when needed, releases the stored energy through a charge controller. For this reason, the off-grid photovoltaic systems have broad potential applications, from street signs to remote areas where it is not possible to take advantage of a stable supply of electricity: mountain chalets, cottages …

Through established partnerships with vendors of proven reliability, VP Solar provides its customers with the best solutions in the market of self-consumption: thanks to the use of high-quality products and to an installation done by certified professionals it will be possible to offer the end-customer the optimization of self-consumption and the maximization of the independence from rise of energy prices.