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Shortage in Europe of modules and inverters
No-one could have ever forecasted it, after the continuous decrease of the European PV market and with the loss of its leading role in the world industry, but now we are in November 2015 and there is »
SolarWorld celebrates 40 years in the photovoltaic industry
SolarWorld celebrates 40 years of presence in the solar photovoltaic industry with the campaign Real Value, representing the commitment and strength of the group to transform into advantages for the »
Steca: charge controllers and off-grid systems
The German company Steca has been the best manufacturer of off-grid systems for years, which are entirely produced in its factory of Memmingen, in Bayern.   Starting from charge controllers »
Inverter SolarEdge: now with integrate WiFi
SolarEdge inverters, based on the patented optimization technology at single module level, are now available as standard with integrated WiFi connection. SolarEdge integrated with Wifi: production »


VP Solar has been working in the field of renewable energy and energy saving since 1999.

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We offer our customers the widest range of products high quality in the market and we guarantee competitive trading conditions.



We serve a growing number of retailers and installers throughout the country.



We offer a technical support customers organize and periodic briefings/training on technical and commercial issues

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VP Solar, professional distributor for energy efficiency and photovoltaic.

VP Solar has been working in the field of renewable energy and energy saving since 1999. Led by innovation in R&D VP Solar has developed a reputation as an innovative supplier who delivers.
The company was founded by Stefano Loro whose has developed a passion for renewable energy and energy conservation since the mid 1980s. Our historical connections and experience mean we have been able to develop a network of worldwide suppliers working in the green economy.

VP Solar offers its customers the broadest range of high quality products in the market and at the same time guarantees competitive trading conditions.

We pay particular attention to the service offered to customers: not only our team provides clients with rapid and efficient responses, but also, we offer high-level technical and commercial trainings through our VP Solar Academy. Furthermore, in the Private Area of our website, each partner can find tailored-made tools for their work: catalogs, price lists, presentations, technical documentation and marketing materials.


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