Steca is a manufacturer of inverters and photovoltaic solutions for both network and off-grid installations.
The highest quality, reliability and durability of its products are just some of the most important goals that Steca has towards its customers and users.

The Coolcept series StecaGrid inverters are innovative inverters and thanks to a new cooling concept they deliver a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, coupled with a European yield of up to 98.3%.

StecaGrid is an inverter suitable for installations with single-phase connections and allows for a lightweight installation of only 12 kg.
Thanks to the range of pots covered, from 1.5 to 4.2 kW, it is the ideal solution for small residential photovoltaic systems.
The inverter is guaranteed 7 years by the registration of the product.

Steca ensures improved plant performance thanks to a comprehensive MPPT tracker contained in the inverter, which allows optimization of the efficiency of photovoltaic panels in the event of shadowing.

ATTENTION: each Product is accompanied by an information sheet (“Technical Sheet”) which illustrates the main characteristics based on the information provided by the producers of the goods. These technical sheets are constantly updated: we therefore recommend that you always check that they correspond to the updated information on the Producer’s website.

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