Triphase Inverter ABB PVI-5000/6000-TL-OUTD

The ABB PVI-5000/6000-TL-OUTD three-phase inverter is the optimal solution for residential and small commercial installations.

ABB PVI-5000/6000: High Performance and Maximum Flexibility

This inverter belongs to a specific range of products that meet the needs of plants ranging from 5kW to 25kW.

Thanks to the dual input section it is able to process two independent MPPT strings simultaneously.

The high speed and precision MPPT algorithm for energy harvesting and power tracking in real time coupled with the transformer topology allows a very high performance up to 97.0%.

Ideal inverter for small installations

Adaptability of the inverter to low power plant with small strings is given by the wide input voltage range.

Despite the low power of the plant, the inverter guarantees high performance thanks to a flat efficiency curve at each level of delivery.

The degree of environmental protection IP 65 makes it an outdoor inverter, completely sealed and isolated from external agents.

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