VARTA pulse

VartaVARTA Top Brand PV Storage Italy 2018

Thanks to the concept of “storage all in one” it can be inserted in any existing but also new facility without taking into account the type of photovoltaic system.

“One man one hour” philosophy, thanks to the plug & play external connectivity and the intuitive configuration system, a single person in one hour can install, configure, and instantly activate the VARTA pulse.

1) Compact and modern

Minimum dimensions and reduced weight for a storage of up to 6 kWh, wall space of approximately 70×70 cm and thickness 20 cm for only 65 kg weight.

2) Modular system

Up to 5 VARTA pulse can be incorporated into a single plant, reaching the maximum configuration of 30 kWh so that the plant can be adapted to future needs for a fully electric home.

3) Connected to the network

Integrated Web server for programming external auxiliary contacts to automate loads such as ACS boiler and household appliances. Thanks to the clean design APP, all the essential data is available in the palm of your hand.

4) Safe and Guaranteed

Reliable and Guaranteed by VARTA, a historic company with 130 years of battery manufacturer and market leader in micro lithium-ion battery.



VARTA Top Brand PV Storage Italy 2018, Varta

SYSTEM pulse 3 pulse 6
AC Mains connection / configuration 230 V AC, 1-phase, 50 Hz (TN- and TT-systems)
Max. AC power charge / discharge 1.8 / 1.6 kW 2.5 / 2.3 kW
Battery Battery capacity nominal 3.3 kWh 6.5 kWh
Electrochemistry Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC)
Meccanica Dimensions (w x h x d) in mm 600 x 690 x 186
Weight (kg) 45 65
Protection class IP33