VartaVARTA Top Brand PV Storage Italy 2018

Thanks to the connection on the ac side can be installed on any new plant or retrofitting with any production inverter.

  • True three-phase storage
  • Modular system
  • Elegant design, available in various colors

The ELEMENT VARTA is the first three-phase system storage for the Italian market. The system is connected to AC home network and works independently from the photovoltaic system, with any production inverter.

A current sensor placed in cascade to the exchange counter with measuring the input currents and output so you can choose when to load or discharge the battery.
Into a single object compact and elegant design with Varta has entered a bidirectional inverter, battery charger and a monitoring system.

Element is available in 6 colors so that it can adapt to any home. Can be integrated via Ethernet network is programmable relays to control loads that an immersion resistor with linear power control.

Battery for your high-quality lithium-ion Varta are reliable and secure, guaranteed by a company history with over 125 years of history and long experience in the field.

The system is modular and at any time you can add batteries to turn your ELEMENT 3 ELEMENT 6, 9 or 12

With a future update will also enter up to 5 systems in a single system in order to adapt to today’s needs but also to the future.
Simple to install, it takes only 3 connections and a few basic settings and ELEMENT is immediately operational.

The monitoring can be performed either locally or remotely via free portal where all data on consumption, input and battery state of charge are available. You may integrate at any time at the same site also the data related photovoltaic production inverter via the insertion of a Solar-Log in the same Ethernet network.

Technical data

Private consumption optimisation3-phase, phase symmetrical
Max. AC power charge / discharge2.2 / 1.8 kW3.4 / 3.0 kW4.0 / 3.7 kW
Battery capacity nominal6.5 kWh9.8 kWh13.0 kWh
ElectrochemistryLithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC)
Mains connection / configuration400 V AC, 3-phase, 50 Hz (TN- and TT-systems)
Dimensions (w x h x d) in mm600 x 1,176 x 500
Weight (kg)115145165
Protection classIP 22