TSC PowerXT – mono – black – 365 Wp


High efficiency photovoltaic module with TSC PowerXT technology, total Black design and greater production surface thanks to the elimination of busbars and reduced interconnections.

  • Efficiency up to 20.5%
  • 25 year warranty on product and power
  • Available size: 365 Wp

TSC PowerXT solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential and commercial market.

TSC’s patented cell cutting and panel assembly takes processed solar wafers and turns them into PowerXT solar panels.

The process starts by creating a highly reliable PowerXT cell where busbars and ribbon interconnections are eliminated. TSC then packages the cells into the PowerXT solar panel, reducing inactive space between the cells. This process leads to an exceptionally attractive
and effi cient solar panel.

The interconnections between the cells are seamless and highly reliable, so much so that the product has a 25 year warranty.

Thanks to this PowerXT technology, the module is much more efficient and with a totally Total uniform and elegant appearance.