TSC Power XT – R-PS – black – 410/415 Wp

Full black design panels with Shingled PowerXT technology for highly reliable, powerful and efficient cells.

  • over 20.9% efficiency
  • 30 years full product and power warranty
  • backsheet and frames
  • Available: 410 – 415 Wp

Photovoltaic module for residential and commercial applications with Full Black design ideal for elegant and integrated solutions.

The new PowerXT Premium series with Pure Black Shingled technology increases power generation, partial shadow management and makes it an efficient and reliable panel.

Anti-reflection performance and the elimination of dead spots and cell breakage enable an efficiency of more than 20.9%.

TSC guaranteed 30 years

Solderless cell interconnections are highly reliable and designed for durability.

The U.S.-based Silicon Valley company offers an extended 30-year warranty on manufacturing, parts and labor.