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TRIO-20.0/27.6-TL-OUTD three phase inverters are designed for large commercial application, with variable orientation.

It is equipped with two independent high speed MPPT, up to 98.2% of efficiency.

Wide input voltage range, short strings can also be made.

Also available with integrated string framework in the versions with DC disconnect, arresters, fuses and string current control (-S2/-S2F/S2X/S1J/S2J).

  • Type without converter
  • Removable wiring box
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Models: TRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD – TRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD

TRIO-20.0/27.6-TL-OUTD Inverter for commercial applications

  • With “short” strings and multiple orientations, thanks to the double MPPT, it is suitable for large commercial installations. Flat efficiency curves, high return to all lever.
  • TRIO presents a quick and precise MPPT algorithm for a real time power tracking and a best energy harvest.

High efficiency

  • Flat efficiency curves ensure high yield to all supply levels, ensuring a constant and stable performance in the whole range of input voltage and output power.
  • The device has a yield that reaches the 98.2%

Easy to install

  • Removable wiring box for easy installation
  • Possibility of direct connection of external environmental sensors and DC auxiliary output (24 V, 300 mA)
  • PC or data logger connection through integrated RS485 interface communication.

Outdoor inverter

  • Natural convention cooling in the outer casing it guarantees maximum reliability in any environmental condition.
  • Construction without electrolytic capacitors to ensure reliability and long life.

Technical data

Models TRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD TRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD
Rated input DC power 20750 W 28600 W
Maximum absolute DC input voltage 1000 V
Number of independent MPPTs 2
MPPT voltage range DC 440…800 V 500…800 V
Maximum DC input current for each MPPT 50.0 A / 25.0 A 64.0 A / 32.0 A
AC type of connection to the grid Three phase 3 wires + PE or 4 wires + PE
Rated output AC power 20000 W 27600 W
Degree of environmental protection IP 65
DC type of connection Quick coupling PV connector 3) / Screw terminal block in standard and –S2 version
AC type of connection Screw terminal block, PG36 cable press