Suntech Ultra V Pro mini bifacial N-TOPCon – STPxxxS – C54/Nmhm+ – 415 Wp

Suntech photovoltaic module with monocrystalline silicon N-type half cells

  • maximum efficiency 22.0%
  • zero-LID
  • Annual degradation 0.40%
  • 15-year product warranty and 30-year linear warranty

High-efficiency bifacial Ultra V Pro series module, uses 182 mm N-type silicon wafers, due to this technology the module power is very high and allows near-zero-LID performance.

Module power increases up to 3-4% more due to the lower temperature coefficient of 0.30%/°C.

These bifacial modules increase yield by being able to generate up to 30% more energy from the back of the panel as well.

The power linear decays 1% for the first year, and 0.40% since the 2nd year till the 30th year (for double glass modules).