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Sunny Island 4.4M – 6.0H / 8.0H


New Sunny Island, simpler, more robust and flexible.

An excellent solution for stand-alone and grid-connected systems with a range from 2 to 13 kW.

The new Sunny Island compared to previous models is more solid, the same commit. Increased levels of protection the temperature range. It does not have moisture problems, dust and temperature fluctuations. These atmospheric conditions not danenggiano the product for over 20 years.

Thanks to OptiCool an easier load and energy management and operation is assured even in critical situations.

OptiUse makes installation, commissioning and daily use easier: with the automatic detection of the rotating magnetic field, a quick setup guide optimized and intuitive operation. The battery management system also automatically adjusts Optibat important operations of charge and discharge, thus extending the life of the sensible energy storage. Sunny Island is a truly complete package for reliable and self-sufficient electricity supply.


OptiUse: rapid installation and commissioning, use simplified
Optibat: Always informed with the indicator of the level of charge


IP 54: optimum protection against dust and moisture
OptiCool: temperature range expanded
OptiPower: Operation assured in all situations


For systems from 3 to 300 kW
accurate dimensioning
It supports Multicluster technology