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SolarEdge SE40K


SolarEdge inverters have an efficient conversion architecture so as to have maximum reliability and performance in terms of energy produced.

Standard warranty of 12 years.

Local and remote monitoring of integrated and function module level.

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  • Compression technology sets: the inverter indicates the optimizers voltage and output current of each one so you always have the optimal input voltage, regardless of environmental conditions and shading.
  • Very high efficiency, up to 98.5%
  • Datalogger webserver integrated with module level monitoring and free portal for performance analysis and fault detection. the problematic module physical display.
  • Communicative: integrated RS485 and Ethernet, Zigbee, WiFi and optional integrated GSM modem.
  • Inverter for large systems and direct connection to the medium voltage transformer (SE40K).
  • For each category of small, lightweight power inverter with IP65 protection for easy installation both indoors and outdoors.


Dati tecnici

Potenza nominale DC di ingresso 45000 W
Massima tensione assoluta DC in ingresso 100 V
Massima corrente DC in ingresso 40 A
Tipo di connessione AC alla rete Trifase
Potenza nominale AC di uscita 33300 W
Tipo di connessione DC 3 coppie di connettori MC4
Tipo di connessioni AC Pressacavo – diametro 15 – 21