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SolarEdge SE30K/SE33.3K -RWR0IBNZ4 – inverter trifase


SolarEdge SE30K / SE33.3K -RWR0IBNZ4 are three-phase inverters designed specifically for operation with power optimizers.

  • Fixed voltage inverter for higher efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings;
  • Small, light and easy to install;
  • IP65 – indoor and outdoor installation;
  • Available sizes: SE30K and SE33.3K.

SolarEdge SE30K / SE33.3K -RWR0IBNZ4 are fixed voltage inverters for higher efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings.

The installation is simple thanks to the structure of the product, in fact, it is small and the lightest in its category. Commissioning is simplified by using the SolarEdge SetApp application.

The inverter is protected against DC type 2 overvoltage, RS485 type and AC type 2 overvoltage. It is also protected from arc faults and optional quick shutdown.

Integrated monitoring via Ethernet, wireless, or cellular for full system visibility.