Solar thermodynamic SOLAR BOX


The thermodynamic solar system SOLAR BOX

The thermodynamic solar systems combine the technology of the heat pump with that of the solar thermal in a single circuit.

SOLAR BOX is the perfect solution to bring efficiency in the domestic hot water production, using the already input on the tank.


The Thermodynamic Solar System combines two complementary technologies, the heat pump and solar thermal collector.

The heat pumps are very efficient devices, but the heat they produce, coming from their renewable component, varies only according to fluctuations in the ambient temperature.

Solar thermal collectors are the best heat source for heating during sunny days with high temperatures, but become totally ineffective in days without sun.

Thanks to the physical scheme identical to that of a normal solar thermal system of forced circulation and to the components of a heat pump, the solar thermodynamic technology has managed to overcome the limitations of these two incomplete technologies.

Through the R134a refrigerant fluid that runs through a closed circuit, the fluid enters the solar panel and uses the action of the sun, rain, wind, ambient temperature and the remaining climatic factors.

After this phase, the heat is transferred to a tank, through a heat exchanger.

Because the gas has a boiling temperature of about -30ºC, the system can operate even in the total absence of sun and even at night, as opposed to the traditional solar thermal system.

The consumption of the system is reduced to that of the refrigerator compressor which circulates the fluid.

The system:

The SOLAR BOX system thanks to its compact size fits easily to existing systems, where there is already a tank.

The product contains inside a plate heat exchanger and a circulator for which can work directly on the water of the accumulation or possibly on the coil of the accumulation.

The kit comes complete with the panel mounting brackets, pressure reducer and safety valve for the sanitary line.

For additional specifications, see the download area.


The product provides a unique model and can be applied to the existing system with several possibilities:


Potenza termica fornita 800-2200 W
Consumo (Med-Max) 250-490 W
Alimentazione 230/50-60 V/Hz
Campo di lavoro -2 a 42 °C
Fluido refrigerante R134a/0.8 -/kg
Temperatura massima 55 °C
Pressione massima di lavoro 7 bar
Collegamento idraulico 1/2 | 1/2 Pol.
Peso (Solarbox/pannello) 235/8 kg
Collegamenti Frigoriferi (aspirazione/liquido) 3/8 | 1/4 Pol.