Solar-Log Base 15 / 100 / 2000 kWp


PV energy monitoring system for pv systems of any size. The new Solar-Log Base generation combines intelligent functionality and high flexibility thanks to its modular structure.

  • Solar-Log Base 15: plant size 15 kWp
  • Solar-Log Base 100: plant size 100 kWp
  • Solar-Log Base 2000: plant size 2000 kWp


The new revolutionary Solar-Log™ generation combines smart functionality with greater flexibility for more efficient control, management and monitoring of PV plants.

The Innovative Bus Analysis Function Replaces the Oscilloscope

Measure and evaluate the signal quality of the inverter communication (RS485).

Modular Design

Depending on the requirements, the functions for each PV plant can be individually selected. Interface elements and various software licenses can be purchased to add functions as needed.

VPN Function

Previously, an external router was required to transmit data to the direct marketer. Staring in Q3, it is possible to make secure VPN data transfers without any additional hardware. This integration not only saves money from the hardware, but also the installation.

Smart Energy

Recording and presentation of self-consumption control and visualization of individual appliances for the optimization of self-consumption.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4.0

The new online portal (probably available in Q2 2020) features an attractive new design and numerous features. The new features include, a function for the self-learning detection of plant errors,
optimized processes and quick diagnostics.