Simply The system combines flexibility and functionality, facilitates the assembly and reduces the timing.

With this VP Solar System introduces simplified locking clamps which engage snap in with great ease profile.

Simply the system sets new standards in terms of in terms of reliability as the profiles provide excellent stability despite its low weight.

The SIMPLY system is universal and can be combined with all the fixings VP Solar for both mounting brackets for pitched roofs or triangles for flat roofs.

The new system can be installed on the fasteners, variable depending on the type of roof, with the aid of M10 with hammer-head screws and nuts M10.

For the connection of two profiles has been developed for the coupling SIMPLY profiles which ensures stability, in that it is provided with small “teeth” which ensure the clamping of the profiles.

The connector allows the creation of curtain up to 15m long file. Besides this measure must be provided free of minimum 5 cm.

The profiles must not protrude last fastening element of more than 300 mm and must be guaranteed a minimum space of 30 mm.

The middle clamps and SIMPLY terminals are supplied in pre-assembled sets consisting of terminal, socket head screw with square and SIMPLY clip nut.

The terminal preassembled SIMPLY engages in the profile, simply tighten the screws and clips thanks to the clamp can no longer disengage from the guide.