Silla industries: Wallbox Prism Basic single phase

The Wallbox Prism Basic allows simple management of electric vehicle charging. Compact and intuitive product, which adapts to private environments. Available in the single-phase version in the 7.4 kW size.

  • Type 2 connector
  • Automatic regulation of consumption to avoid disconnection from the grid
  • Available color: red

Features of Wallbox Prism Basic:

  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Integrated 5 meter cable
  • Integrated Type 2 socket
  • Current sensor for load management included
  • Made in Italy

Upgradeable after installation

Should the need for more advanced features and performance arise, it will always be possible to upgrade to Prism Solar simply by purchasing the Smart Cover to easily replace the standard front cover.

Load balancing

Prism Basic is supplied with the amperometric clamp, that is the sensor to be installed on the meter, to manage car charging based on household consumption and thus avoid black-outs due to excess absorption.