Q.PEAK-G4.1 290-305

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The Q.PEAK-G4.1 module is the new and innovative form of Q CELLS, successor of the excellent solar polycrystalline module.
This module offers excellent yields, high reliability and is suitable for almost all installations.

Q.Antum of cell technology: low energy production costs

Lower BOS costs and higher yield in relation to the surface thanks to the power classes up to 305 Wp and an efficiency up to 18.6%.

Innovative technology for any weather

Excellent performance in all weather conditions thanks to the good behavior in conditions of high temperature and low irradiance.

Levels of constant efficiency

Long-term safety of high returns thanks to tecniologie Hot-Spot Protect, Anti PID Technology, Anti LID Technology, Traceable Quality Tra.Q ™.

Light frames and quality

Highly resistant to snow (5400 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa) with a frame made of high-tech aluminum alloy black.

Safe investment

linear performance warranty of 25 years and 12 years warranty on the product.

Dati tecnici

Potenza di picco (W) 290 295 300 305
Voc (V) 39.19 39.48 39.76 40.05
Isc (A) 9.63 9.70 9.77 9.84
Vmp (V) 31.96 32.19 32.41 32.62
Imp (A) 9.07 9.17 9.26 9.35
Efficienza >=17.4% >=17.7% >=18.0% >=18.3%
N° celle 60
Tipo di celle Monocristallina
Dimensioni (mm) 1670 x 1000 x 32
Tipo di connettore MC4