PVI 10.0/12.5 TL-OUTD


The PVI 10.0 / 12.5 TL-OUTD are specifically designed for commercial applications, the three-phase inverter has an excellent ability to monitor the performance of photovoltaic panels, especially variable environmental conditions. Also available with DC disconnect switch (-S) and string fuses and DC switch (-FS) integrated.

  • Without transformer to obtain the maximum efficiency that comes to 97.8% with two separate inputs MPPT, large wide input voltage range from freedom in configuration.
  • Flat yield curves provide in a variety of voltage and the maximum power conditions possible energy fed into the grid.
  • The choice of natural convection as cooling combined with the rugged chassis for external guarantees in any environmental condition maximum reliability.
  • RS485 integrated to connect the inverter to a PC or data logger connection.
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Dati tecnici

Potenza nominale DC di ingresso 10300 W 12800 W
Massima tensione assoluta DC in ingresso 900 V
Numero di MPPT indipendenti 2
Intervallo MPPT di tensione DC 300…750 V 360…750 V
Massima corrente DC in ingresso per ogni MPPT 34.0 A / 17.0 A 36.0 A / 18.0 A
Tipo di connessione AC alla rete Trifase 3 fili + PE o 4 fili + PE
Potenza nominale AC di uscita 10000 W 12500 W
Grado di protezione ambientale IP 65
Tipo di connessione DC Connettore PV ad innesto rapido
Tipo di connessioni AC Morsettiera a vite, pressa cavo M40