Panasonic HIT KURO VBHNxxxKJ01 – total black – 330 Wp

HIT® KURO is the “total black” module from Panasonic with the highest efficiency (19.4%), a compact size and the best temperature coefficient in the sector (-0.258% / ° C).

  • Total black
  • 25 year warranty
  • Reduced degradation
  • Available in sizes 330 Wp

Panasonic HIT® KURO is the brand new all-black module which features a high module efficiency of 19.7%, an industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /⁰C and a sleek design.

Unique heterojunction technology

Panasonic’s unique heterojunction technology uses ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. These thin dual layers reduce losses, resulting in higher energy output than conventional panels.

High Performance at High Temperatures

As temperature increases, HIT® continues to perform at high levels due to the industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /⁰C. No other module even comes close to our temperature
characteristics. That means more energy throughout the day and particularly in summer.

Quality and Reliability

Maximum guarantees offered by Panasonic, over 20 years of experience in the production of HIT® modules and 20 internal tests (three times those imposed by standard standards).

Low Degradation

The particular type of cells that make up the “n-type” HIT module reduce light induced degradation (LID) and totally eliminate potential-induced degradation (PID), thus increasing reliability and durability.

25 Year Product and Performance Guarantee**

Power output is guaranteed to 86.2% after 25 years.
**  Registration necessary on www.eu-solar.panasonic.net, otherwise 15 years apply based on guarantee document).

Unique water drainage

The water drainage system gives rain, water and snow melt a place to go, reducing water stains and soiling on the panel. Less dirt on the panel means more sunlight getting through to generate power

Dati tecnici

Model VBHN335KJ01 VBHN330KJ01 VBHN325KJ01
Maximum Power (Pmax) 335 W 330 W 325 W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 59,9 V 59,5 V 59,2 V
Maximum Power Current (lpm) 5,60 A 5,55 A 5,50 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 71,5 V 71,2 V 70,9 V
Short Circuit Current (lsc) 6,05 A 5,99 A 5,94 A
Max. Power at NOCT 251,9W 251,9W 248,9W
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) -0,258%/°C -0,258%/°C -0,258%/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0,164 V/°C -0,164 V/°C -0,164 V/°C
Temperature Coefficient (lsc) 3,34 mA/°C 3,34 mA/°C 3,34 mA/°C
NOCT (Normal Operating Conditions) 44,0 °C 44,0 °C 44,0 °C
Module Efficiency 19,9% 19,7% 19,4%
Maximum System Voltage 1000V
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
Power Tolerance (-/+) +10%/0%*
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Safety & Rating Certifications IEC61215, IEC61730-1, IEC1730-2
Fire Classification Class II (TÜV Rheinland)
Dimensions LxWxH 1590mm x1053mm x40 mm