LYDOS HYBRID – PDC/electric hybrid technology- 80 / 100 litres


Lydos Hybrid monobloc wall-mounted electric water heater with storage, with hybrid technology in class A, thanks to the combined operation of heat pump and electric resistance.

  • 50% savings compared to a class B water heater
  • i-Memory, Program, Green and Boost function
  • Easy to install
  • Available with 80 and 100 liter storage

Lydos Hybrid is the first water heater with hybrid technology in class A that allows you to save 50% of energy compared to a class B, thanks to the combined use of heat pump and electric energy.

The innovative i-Memory software learns your habits to efficiently manage hybrid technology, choosing the most convenient option between the use of heat pump and electric energy.

Simple installation

  • Same ease of installation as any electric water heater
  • Compatibility with supports and water connections, Ariston standard
  • Hydraulic connections completely hidden inside the product
  • Advanced hi-tech interface

i-Memory Software

  • It learns the user’s habits day by day and chooses the most convenient way to use the heat pump
  • After an initial learning phase, the i-Memory is able to program the water temperature every hour

Maximum efficiency

It reaches maximum efficiency using 100% the heat pump. The maximum temperature is 53 °C and cannot be increased. The electric resistance is activated only with Anti-legionella, or in case of malfunction of the heat pump


Temporarily increases the electrical power of the product, in case of need for hot water within a short time.

Tank protection

  • Double anode: Active Anode + Magnesium Anode
  • Titanium enamelled boiler
  • 5 year warranty (tank)
  • No maintenance needed

Long lasting performance

  • Resistance enamelled in nickel Incoloy alloy
  • Great reliability and resistance to limescale
  • Can also be used with the hardest waters