LG: NeON 2 N1C-N5 – 60 cells – mono – 365 Wp


LG NeON2 N1C-N5 is a high performance 60-cell N-type monocrystalline photovoltaic module with a maximum power of 365Wp. The innovative CELLO structure replaces three bus bars with 12 thin wires, to increase power while also improving reliability

  • 25-year linear power warranty
  • After 25 years minimum guaranteed power 90.08%
  • Available size: 365 W

High output power

Even in confined spaces, the NeoN2 modules guarantee high performance while maintaining high levels of efficiency, which in the case of the 365 W model reaches 21.1%.

Double surface cell construction

The cell on the LG NeoN2 models generates energy on both sides, also exploiting the rays reflected from the rear side of the module, which is then partially reabsorbed, generating a higher amount of energy for the same space.

Better performance

Thanks to the optimization of the temperature coefficients, LG guarantees high performance even in non-optimal operating conditions.

Enhanced warranty

Over the years LG NeoN2 has considerably improved the standards of the guarantee on the product, in particular as regards the annual degradation, it has decreased from -0.5% / year to -0.33% / year.