LG Chem RESU 400V high voltage batteries, provides the industry’s most advanced solution for lithium-ion agile batteries.


LG Chem’s RESU 400V battery pack is the ideal home storage system to match with any photovoltaic system to maximize the self-consumption.
All products are certified in accordance with standard international norms.
LG Chem uses for these batteries the same technology used in automotive batteries, that require greater security than stationary applications..


High quality materials and an innovative manufacturing process called Lamination & Stacking make it the lithium battery with the highest ratio of stored energy and size.
The cell structure is therefore very stable, making it the most technologically advanced energy storage solution.
The battery pack has an internal BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors cell by cell and prevents its operation beyond the design limits.
The system interacts with the charge / discharge device to optimize its behavior and lengthen its life time.
The BMS can be easily upgraded via SD Card so that it can implement all future improvements in the cell management.

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